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Everything you need to discover a new and engaging hobby!



A modern and sleek version of Erno Rubik’s original 3x3 cube, the Erno’s Cube has been designed with children and beginners in mind – helping you to go from beginner to speed-cuber.

Designed with a smooth, flexible and adjustable mechanism that’s forgiving on turns and ultra-fast, the Erno’s Cube is also vibrant, lightweight and durable.

We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment – all our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable.

Erno's Cube is suitable for children and adults!


Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm

Small Parts Warning – choking hazard – not suitable for children under 3 years




A highly visual, beautifully illustrated guide to solving the cube, using the simplest 7-step method and unique story-based memorisation technique. The Cube for Children is suitable for children and adults!

Divided into 4 parts, this book takes readers on a journey from beginner to speed-solver:

Part 1 | Getting to know your cube
This part explains the different pieces that make up the cube and show you how to move them around.

Part 2 | Learning the method
Through 7 Chapters, work through the simplest, step-by-step method for solving the cube. At the end of this part, you will have solved the cube!

Part 3 | Memorising the method
This part guides you through a story that threads together each step, so that you can memorise the method for life-long cubing.

Part 4 | Practising the sequences
This final part guides you through practising the sequences used to solve the cube to develop “muscle memory”.


Reading age: 5+ years
Print length: 110 pages
Dimensions: 19.05 x 23.5 x 0.66 cm
ISBN: 1399965441

5/5   |   15 REVIEWS

Gail Fogarty

All your Christmas presents sorted!

This book is genius at explaining how to solve the Cube - even for someone (like me) who struggles with following written instructions. The clear concise methods lead to an effortless solution. Now all I have to do is memorize the techniques as a party-trick! I'm going to get this book for nephews and nieces for Christmas. Highly recommended for brain-games and a bit of fun.

Richard Debney

This book is a miracle

I’ve been a frustrated by the cube for 3 decades, not any more thanks to this book. It’s written in an easy to understand format for both kids and adults. In fact, there’s a playful element to learning how to solve the cube for kids. Other books I’ve found are too clunky in their approach to solving the cube. Here, each stage is broken down clearly, with easy to understand instructions and supporting illustrations. I love this book and no longer throw my cube across the room in frustration!


Alexandra Borkowska

Fab guide – not just for kids!

I bought this on the spur of the moment for my husband (as I knew he’d enjoy this sort of puzzle) and eventually for use by my nearly 5yo son who I know will love working it out one day. My husband has really enjoyed learning how to solve it. So much so that I’ve even had a go (pic attached!). It’s really mindful and fun to learn something new. My son loves messing it up to challenge us to have it completed by the morning. The steps are easy to follow and written so that you can start to do it from memory. Definitely give it a try!


Such a brilliant book for children – and adults too!

I can’t quite believe it’s been some 50 years since I first picked up a Rubik’s cube. I’ve tried to solve it again in recent years but all of the books, websites and guides I’ve looked at have been almost as puzzling as the cube itself! This book is on a completely different level - it made solving the cube fun again and to my disbelief, I solved it within less than an hour! Written for children but also a fabulous book for those of us that are returning to the cube after many years. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering giving it a go.

Rosanna Nowers

Perfect for children or adults!

I tried years ago to learn how to solve the cube but gave up. This book is a game changer – an accessible, easy to follow, step by step guide with clear and intuitive graphics. Following the book, to my great surprise, I solved the cube within 45 minutes - and that was just my first go!! The inclusion of stories and visualisations is clever and novel, and adds an additional creative element. This book is perfect for children or adults.


It’s only taken me 40 years to solve the cube…

I'm not usually one to leave a review but, after a lifetime, I've finally solved the cube thanks to this book! It does a great job of breaking it down into simple steps, then introduces a story to help you remember how. Annoyingly (for me) my 6-year-old can follow it with only a little help, and already remembers the story!


Amazing find!!!

Have been wanting to solve the cube my whole life and now I can! I am amazed by how this book managed to distill something so complex into simple steps! Would highly recommend for any ages.


What a book!

Would highly recommend this book - its great for kids nut also perfect for adults. The method is clear and easy to follow and the illustrations look great. You're really buying a life skill not just a book.


The cover of this book feels amazing!

Also the illustrations are beautiful and make the process really accessible (I'm more of a kinesthetic learner, so didn't think a book could really teach me this). Bought for the kids but ended up doing myself, so works for kids and adults.


Great for kids but also for adults!

Really good descriptive book that educates kids to work out the Rubix Cube in a way that’s visually memorable.


Fantastic guide!

This book is highly visual and very easy to use, with opportunities to practise and engage with the cube from the outset. There are handy reminders and tips throughout, which help reinforce the learning. Further to the step-by-step method, the storytelling thread is incredibly fun and gripping, and really helps with building muscle memory for solving the cube. An excellent book, highly recommended!

Linda Stone

This book makes solving the cube easy

Easy to follow diagrams and simple explanations helped my daughter and I navigate our way to solving the cube. I used another book to do so many years ago - all I can say is this was a whole lot more straightforward!


Comprehensive, accessible and it works!

A genuinely accessible and helpful book to solving the ever frustrating Rubik’s cube! Step by step instructions that are wrapped up in beautiful illustrations. I think this is a great guide for both children and adults alike!


Great guide for kids and adults :)

I had never managed to solve the cube... until now! Bought this as a gift for my nephew and niece and we sat down to follow the book and to my surprise we managed to do it, and more than once! It is so clear and actually kept the kids engaged which was surprising! Of course it will take them a while to follow on their own as it is still a complex thing, but the story to help solve it is really great. Love the illustrations as well!


Fantastic book!

This book is great. After weeks of messing around with apps, within a couple of hours of reading and understanding he’s cracked it!! Beautifully illustrated and easy to understand. 7 year olds verdict - this is so much better than any app - that’s a serious victory too

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