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Inspiring kids and beginners to take on the challenge of solving the world-famous cube


Learn how to solve one of the world’s best-known puzzles.
The cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian professor Ernő Rubik as a challenge for his students, and what a challenge it was!
With 43 quintillion possible arrangements, it’s no wonder the cube became known as one of the world’s most challenging puzzles. Few adults (let alone children), believe they can solve it.
In fact, with the right approach, anyone can solve the cube, and doing so brings a huge sense of achievement.
As a tactile game that requires logical reasoning and algorithms, the cube is also a great way for kids to start exploring the world of STEM.
We currently run our kids cubing club at The Vineyard School, Richmond, with our partners JA Sports Coaching.
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If you would like us to come to your child’s school, enquire here.
Just a few of the skills your child will build:
Problem solving
Logical reasoning
Fine motor movement


Run your own Erno’s Cube Club!
We partner with enthusiastic and entrepreneurial individuals and club operators to run our clubs in schools nationally.
We provide:
“The Cube for Children” book
Erno’s cubes (the best kind of cube and perfect for little hands!)
Themed lesson plans
Expert training and resources
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About US

Our philosophy is that no one should forgo a challenge on the basis that they don’t think they’re capable of it. We believe in having a go, learning through the process and, most importantly, having fun.
The cube is famous for being one of the world’s most challenging puzzles, and so we spent years developing a methodology that would make it accessible to all, in particular, young people and children. We have developed the simplest approach with no logical leaps or gaps, a new and intuitive notation and a unique story-based method for memorisation. The latter is a technique that can be applied to other areas of learning and education.
When our inaugural book, “The Cube for Children” hit the shelves in July 2023, we were excited to see people from all walks of life finding that, in fact, they too could solve it. Within days we were approached by local schools asking if we would come and teach their pupils, and hence our cubing club was established.
We’re here to help people discover a new life skill, one they perhaps didn’t think was within their reach and one that brings so many associated benefits. With 43 quintillion possible combinations, you’ll never solve the same cube twice. Solving it for the first time brings a huge sense of achievement, and learning to do it by heart gives you a life-long activity that brings peace of mind and a fun way to dazzle your friends and family!
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